Our Approach

At Feeling Good Psychotherapy (FGP), we’re committed to providing you with exceptional results-oriented therapy. We work actively and collaboratively with our clients towards their specific therapy goals. Since each individual is unique in how they respond to therapeutic strategies, we begin with compassionate listening, aligning with you, and prioritizing your goals. When you feel ready, we show you how to master powerful strategies to reduce self-defeating thoughts and beliefs that create emotional suffering. After your goals have been met and therapy is complete, relapse prevention sessions will offer you a toolkit of strategies to navigate life and sustain recovery over the long term.

Dr. Elise Munoz

Clinical Director & Founder

How to be Successful in Therapy

Before contacting us, please make sure to read the following information carefully. At Feeling Good Psychotherapy we practice cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which is different from traditional talk therapy. CBT is a collaborative approach that is only successful when clients actively participate in their treatment by engaging in structured therapy sessions and completing daily homework assignments. The good news is: cognitive behavioral therapy has been scientifically proven to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety when clients practice daily CBT skills, even when not feeling like it. To give you an idea of what CBT with us would look like, you would need to be ready to engage in the following assignments in order to see real improvement:

  • Reading certain books or chapters, completing worksheets and pre and post session mood surveys
  • Increasing time spent on rewarding activities such as hobbies, social contact, etc.
  • Improving wellness: establishing a healthier sleep cycle, daily exercise, getting out of the house more often
  • Talking about feelings in session
  • Gradual exposure to feared situations (with therapist support)

If you are hesitant or do not feel willing or ready to engage in this kind of treatment, you may want to consider a different type of therapy such as a more traditional talk-therapy approach and circle back to us at a later time when you are feeling ready.

Getting Started

Free Phone Consultation

Choosing a therapist is an important step and we want to simplify the process for you. We encourage you to contact us (212) 362-4490 or email to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with a therapist to get a sense of whether the therapist might be a good fit for you. If you decide to move forward, the therapist will schedule an initial session to assess your needs and goals for treatment.

Pre-Treatment/ Assessment Sessions

The initial assessment process will provide an opportunity for you to share your goals for treatment. At the conclusion of this initial step, the therapist will reflect back their understanding of your needs and goals, and will propose an individualized treatment plan. You will be invited to openly discuss your feelings and willingness to pursue this plan with the therapist. Please note that while we specialize in treating people for a wide variety of mood disorders and relationship problems, we do not treat all psychiatric conditions at FGP. For more information please discuss with the therapist during the phone consultation.


The adult assessment period consists of 1 to 2 sessions before treatment begins. The first session will last for 60 minutes. No actual psychotherapy treatment will take place during the assessment period however it is very important for the therapist to take the time to explore your strengths and challenges.

Adolescents, Children, Young Adults Living at Home

An in-depth evaluation and diagnostic assessment is conducted with children, adolescents and young adults living at home. This extensive initial assessment is conducted over the course of 4 separate sessions allowing the therapist to understand relevant social-emotional and biological factors and to determine if our approach would suit your child’s needs. More information about the youth assessment phase can be found here.

Schedule a Free Consultation

To schedule your first session, or request a free 15 minute consultation call, complete our scheduling form.