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CBT is an active, collaborative approach that teaches tangible skills to improve your emotional well-being. We also offer TEAM-CBT, a more advanced approach to standard CBT, created by Dr. David Burns, Stanford University professor and best-selling author of Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy, When Panic Attacks, and recently released, Feeling Great!

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Feeling Good Psychotherapy (FGP) is a leading group practice specializing in effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for stress, depression, social anxiety, OCD, and more. Our team of talented therapists are passionate about helping you feel better sooner and in many cases fully recover from your struggles.

Our approach is grounded in science while based on the belief that healing occurs within a trusting, respectful and safe therapeutic relationship, and this is where we begin. When you are ready to roll up your sleeves, we will show you how to increase your self-esteem, improve your relationships, and tackle life’s challenges confidently with concrete psychological and behavioral skills.

If you are interested in trying a more structured and collaborative approach, we may be a fit for you. If you feel unsure or if you would like more information please click the CBT Treatment button below.

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Feeling Good Psychotherapy was created from a desire to make effective mental health care more accessible to people suffering in their lives due to depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, and relationship problems. It all started with a private practice and grew into a large team of talented therapists who believe in compassionate, evidence-based therapy as the gold standard for psychotherapy. Our philosophy includes respect and compassion for all our clients regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, physical abilities and economic status. Our belief is that with unconditional acceptance and support for each person’s life experience and perspective, a healing relationship can facilitate growth and recovery.