Children, Adolescents & Parenting

Children and adolescents are growing up in a complex world where they face increasingly stressful and competitive social and academic environments.

As they grow and affirm their identities, it’s important for youth to have access to sound, supportive tools that teach resilience, self-esteem and healthy coping skills.

At FGP, therapists work one-on-one with young clients. Parents are respectfully included in the treatment process. Combining child therapy with parent-support sessions contributes to problem solving, avoids blame and reduces overall stress.

Our solution-focused approach is both interactive and collaborative.

We understand the importance of establishing rapport and trust with children and teens while working collectively toward mutually-established treatment goals. We teach skills that boost self-confidence, build on interpersonal relationships and enhance emotional well-being.

Specialized psychotherapy for children and adolescents includes a focus on the following:

Evidence-based therapy for children, adolescents and young adults can help them overcome behavioral or mental health challenges and lead successful, fulfilling lives. Whether it’s managing sleep issues in young children, or establishing healthy boundaries with a teenager, we are here to provide support and education to struggling parents and families.

Initial Assessment Sessions for children, adolescents and young adults living at home:

Thank you for taking the time to read about our intake procedure. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions after reading the following information:

Our intake procedure involves both parents and child in order to conduct an in-depth diagnostic evaluation and to assess if our approach is a good fit for your child’s treatment goals.

Child and Adolescent intake process (young adults living at home):

During the intake process, the involvement of both parents is expected. If we move forward with treatment, parents will have a supportive role and will participate in family sessions, as needed.

The intake process consists of a total of four sessions scheduled over the course of two weeks on separate days. We find that this extended process allows us to get to know your family and conduct a thorough evaluation. After the evaluation is complete, we will offer you an accurate diagnosis of the problem, and make recommendations that might include a treatment plan or other treatment alternatives. Once your family and the therapist have decided to move forward, your child will become an established patient/client at Feeling Good Psychotherapy and then the therapy will begin.

Session 1 : Child/teen alone
Session 2 : BOTH parents/guardians together
Session 3 : Child/teen alone again
Session 4 : Wrap-up session with BOTH parents and child

Young adults

Therapists may recommend this extended assessment procedure for young adults living at home or college students for whom parents are paying for treatment

Adults 18+ years old

For independent adults seeking individual therapy the assessment period will last for one or two sessions to allow you to decide if the therapist is a good fit for you. The therapist-as-consultant will get to know you, formulate a diagnostic impression and propose a treatment plan based on client goals.

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