Anxiety Treatment

Truth be told, some anxiety may serve us well: anxiety plays a role in motivating us to perform at our potential, and protecting us from possible threat. Protective anxiety triggers our fight or flight system, which has helped us to survive and evolve since the dawn of humanity.

But what happens when anxiety operates in overdrive? Persistent fears and chronic worries that feel beyond our control prevent us from living our best lives and may spiral down to emotional exhaustion and impaired performance.

The good news is cognitive behavioral therapy is specifically tailored for those of us who are feeling overwhelmed by: chronic worry, intrusive or obsessive thoughts, social anxiety, panic attacks, or other physical manifestations of anxiety.

Specialty areas of treatment:

  • Stress management
  • Chronic worry, also called generalized anxiety
  • Social phobia or shyness
  • Panic attacks and fears of leaving home without a loved one
  • Performance anxiety (including fear of public speaking anxiety, test anxiety)
  • Perfectionism

Our therapists will work collaboratively and compassionately with you to uncover the source of your stress and teach you skills to dial down your anxiety to healthy levels. Contact us (212) 362-4490 or email to book an appointment.