Stress & Life Transitions

Stressful Changes and Life Transitions

Life is full of transitions and changes, many of which are unexpected or stressful to deal with. Change often involves loss and grief, fear of the unknown, or a potential threat to our beliefs and values. It’s never easy to make significant adjustments to our daily lives and relationships.

On some level, we have all been impacted by the loss and trauma associated with COVID-19, and the adjustments and changes it has required of us. Meanwhile, life changes and transitions associated with work, finances, relationships, illness or loss continue.

Stressful life transitions may include the following:

  • Changes due to COVID-19 such as loss of income or lockdown challenges
  • Relationship changes including role transitions or decision-based conflict
  • Career transitions such as job loss, relocation or role changes
  • Familial transitions, including becoming a parent, divorce or illness
  • Adolescent changes within friend groups or families
  • Grief and loss in any form, including illness or the death of a loved one

When navigating the challenge of the unknown, unexpected or different, it’s beneficial to have the support of a highly-skilled empathetic listener. A therapist will show you how to build resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence for a smoother ride through life’s difficult transitions.

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