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As a psychotherapist my priority is to cultivate a safe environment for my clients that is rooted in compassion and respect. I believe hearing people’s stories allows me to connect with them by giving me a deep understanding of their experiences, and so I find that an honest and genuine relationship is the primary ingredient to create meaningful changes together. I understand that in life’s darkest moments, things can feel hopeless and irremediable, and so I must say that I find myself deeply moved and inspired by people’s ability to become vulnerable as they embark on their healing journey. I am eager to learn from you as I believe you are the expert of your life; for me it is an honor to guide you in fostering a holistic relationship with yourself in which mind, body and soul are equally important. With a strong therapeutic bond, I believe I can help you navigate through the obstacles thrown your way and you will rediscover hope and purpose.

I utilize evidence based treatments such as CBT to help you understand how just your thoughts alone have the power to affect your mood and behaviors. In addition, I draw from other modalities such as ACT, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness to help bring about effective and everlasting changes. I enjoy working with individuals across the lifespan presenting with all types of issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts or any other life challenges. I have extensive experience working with teens and young adults struggling with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relational problems as well as other challenges such as bullying. A large part of my experience has been dedicated to working with individuals with Autism Spectrum disorder who have experienced difficulties in socialization as well as helping their families to best support them. I have felt rewarded in supporting the Hispanic population in NY and hope to continue to bring outreach and resources to this community. As a Hispanic immigrant, I feel a genuine connection with client’s who have struggled with acculturation, language barriers, and being separated from their families. Due to my Fluency in Spanish, I can conduct sessions in English and Spanish.

I received my Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Wellness from New York University. I have completed training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and am currently working towards my certification as a TEAM-CBT therapist. For me it is an honor to not only help clients navigate challenges, but to leave you with an everlasting sense of empowerment and fulfillment in your life. I am truly looking forward to connecting with you so we can accomplish great work as a team.