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Kristine Samonte


As a therapist, I strive to provide a warm, empathic space for healing while honoring your needs and priorities. My first objective with all clients is to develop a therapeutic alliance with you based on trust and empathy. In our time together, I will help you feel empowered to overcome the challenges you may face. I am committed to helping you discover your resilience and cultivate lasting emotional well-being.

My style is collaborative and strengths-based, and I believe everyone has a unique experience. I received my MSW at Columbia University. My expertise is in providing psychotherapy to children to identify and manage their emotions, young adults who may be dealing with life transitions, and adults who are coping with depression by challenging negative self-talk and exercising self-compassion. I also have experience helping individuals overcome social anxiety and reframing intrusive thoughts to foster healthier relationships. My approach incorporates a combination of different treatment modalities to best serve your journey, including CBT, ACT, and psychodynamic therapy. As a woman of color, I have a passion for creating space for voices who have been silenced. I respect the diverse cultural backgrounds of my clients and work to accommodate your needs.

I believe that anyone with the willingness to seek self-discovery can attain fulfillment in both their personal lives and their relationships. I look forward to working with you to acknowledge your strengths and promote increased well-being and quality of life.