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Brooke Dugan


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Brooke Dugan

Clinical Supervisor

Life can often be challenging and overwhelming. However, with the support of an empathetic, genuine therapist, the pain and anxiety that comes with difficult experiences can become more manageable. I believe that therapy is a place for individuals to foster significant, life-altering growth experiences as a result of better understanding themselves and making meaning out of their life’s events.

I create a safe, trusting environment for my clients to develop useful life skills for improving their mental health. I received my Masters of Arts and Masters of Education in Mental Health Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University. With a background in positive psychology and sexuality and gender issues, it is my goal to help each of my clients cultivate healthy, empowering relationships with themselves and others. Together, we will use evidence-based methods to help you work towards reducing negative self-talk and increasing fulfilling life experiences in your career, health, and intimate relationships.

​I believe in using a collaborative therapeutic style that integrates practical knowledge and a sense of humor to assist clients in overcoming challenges in all areas of their lives. I have experience supporting clients dealing with issues surrounding eating disorders, trauma, sexual functioning, substance use, anxiety, and depression.​